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Shore Excursions from Salaverry Port

We offer tours from Salaverry Port for the most important cruise companies. You have the option to book a Private Tour or our VIP Group Tour just for maximum 16 people.

If you prefer your independence to design your itinerary ashore according to your own interests and sightsee we offer you a private car and the personalized attention of your driver and English-speaking guide.

001 - Full Day in Trujillo: Huacas del Sol y La Luna, Trujillo City, Chan Chan and Huanchaco.

Approx Duration: 6 1/2 hours

Huaca de La Luna

This a tour for visiting most important tourist sites of Trujillo. You will begin the guided tour exploring the treasures of the Huaca de La Luna and Huaca del Sol. This complex was the capital city of the Moche Culture (100 A.D. - 800 A.D.) You will see polychrome walls reliefs designed with the main God called Ai Apaec.

The next stop is the Main Square of Trujillo where you will visit the Urquiaga Mansion and the Cathedral.

The third site in our tour is the archaeological site of Chan Chan, the political and administrative capital of the Chimu Kingdom. Its original extension covered about 24 km2, that is why is considered “The World’s largest Mud Brick City” and World Heritage by UNESCO.

Finally, we will visit Huanchaco fishing village and its reed boats "Caballitos de Totora". According to the timetable of the cruises you will have a time for lunch in a local restaurant.

Contact Us to send you the itinerary according to the timetable of your cruise.

002 - El Brujo and The Lady of Cao.

Approx Duration: 4 1/2 hours

Huaca Cao Viejo - El Brujo

We will drive for about one hour to the Chicama Valley where the Moche Culture built another regional center composeb by Huaca Cao Viejo and Huaca El Brujo. In 2006 the archaeologists led by Régulo Franco discovered the Royal Tomb of the Lady of Cao a woman who governed the valley during 300 A.D.

The tour includes the visit of Huaca Cao where you will see the beautiful reliefs in color and the ceremonial patio where was buried that important woman. In the Site Museum you will find different objets and ornaments discovered during the process of excavations from 1990. The hall of The Lady of Cao has the offerings and ornaments and her well preserved mummy.

Contact Us to send you the itinerary according to the timetable of your cruise.

Tour Inclusions:
- Transfers in /out from Salaverry Port.
- Auto, Van or Mini Bus with air-conditioning.
- Professional Tour Guide in Spanish, English or French.
- Entrances fees.

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Mini Bus for Small Group Tour for maximum 16 passengers.

List of Cruises for Tour Services from Salaverry Port

Cruise Services in List 2018:

1.- Prinsendam - Holland America - January 13th. - Closed.
2.- Oceania Marina - Oceania Cruises - January 14th. - Closed.
3.- Seven Seas Mariner - Regent Seven Seas - January 21st. - Closed.
4.- Sun - Norwegian Cruise Line - February 23th. Closed.
5.- Sirena - Oceania Cruises - February 26th. Closed.
6.- Maasdam - Holland America - March 9th. Closed.
7.- Island Princess - Princess Cruises - March 12nd. Closed.
8.- Ms Zaandam - Holland America - March 24th. Closed.
9.- Maasdam - Holland America - September 24th. Read Itinerary
10.- Ms Zaandam - Holland America - October 12th. Read Itinerary
11.- Azamara Quest - Azamara Club Cruises - November 29th.
12.- Sun - Norwegian Cruise Line - December 16th. Read Itinerary

Cruise Services in List 2019:

1.- Prinsendam - Holland America - January 14, Monday.
2.- Amsterdam - Holland America - January 31, Thursday.
3.- Volendam - Holland America - February 15, Friday.
4.- Oceania Marina - Oceania Cruises - March 19, Tuesday.
5.- Sun - Norwegian Cruise Line - March 22, Friday.
6.- Ms Zaandam - Holland America - April 11, Thursday.
7.- Sea Princess - Princess Cruises - August 5, Monday.
8.- Amsterdam - Holland America - October 12, Saturday.
9.- Ms Zaandam - Holland America - October 26, Saturday.