Chan Chan Site Museum

Museo de Sitio de Chan Chan

Located inside Chan Chan, on the left side of the road to Huanchaco. It exhibits diverse original objects found in Chan Chan among them: wooden idols, ceramic, metal objects, building supplies (sun dried mud bricks or adobes, ropes, beams).

In others halls the prehispanic cultural development of the Department of La Libertad is described, from the first stone artifacts to the ceramic of the great civilizations Moche and Chimu.

There are also display cases dedicated to agriculture, with the instruments, irrigation techniques and the produce cultivated in the Moche valley.

There is variety of scale models that allow you to get a better idea about the form and use of the citadels and others areas of the city. Finally, there is a multimedia room where every half hour tourists can see the Chan Chan history recreated with slides, lights and sound effects which allow you to clearly understand the development of the city.