Historic Churches in Trujillo

Catedral de Trujillo

The first building was destroyed by an earthquake on 14 February 1619 and It was rebuilt between 1647 1666 with the rank of Cathedral.

Inside it is possible to see the oldest altar pieces of Trujillo,Saint Peter and Saint Jhon. The Baptist (end of 17th Century) and also the single exempt altarpiece of the city that dates to 1721.There are historic canvas as well.

Located on the fifth block of Pizarro. The most beautiful decoration in the temple are the polichrome reliefs around the dome. In the convent of the Church the Corte Superior de Justicia de La Libertad currently has its offices.

It is located on the corner of Independencia and Gamarra streets. It has the pulpit where San Francisco Solano predicted the earthsquake that destroyed Trujillo in 1619. Since the independence the old convent was given to San Juan School.

It is the most important and beautiful religious complex in the north. It belongs to the order of the barefooted Carmelite. Together with Santa Clara, are the only closing convents that have survived to the time.

It was founded in 1724, for nuns that arrived from Quito. After the earthquake of 1759 it had to be reconstructed. It has a valuable collection of paintings that regrettably is closed. In the temple is outstanding the main Altarpiece, an exceptional work made by a free black, Fernando Collado (1759).