The Marinera Dance

Every year, from 1960 it takes place the National Competition of Marinera dance, organized by the Club Libertad of Trujillo to initiative of Guillermo Ganoza Vargas. This competition is carried out the last week of January.

The marinera is a dance that descends of the zamacueca and of the mozamala. It was also known as Chilean, until the writer huamachuquino Abelardo Gamarra (1850-1924) “The Truant”, gave it the name of “Marinera” as homage to the Peruvian Marina for its heroic participation during the war with Chile.

El Baile de la Marinera

The Marinera in the north is danced in couple with handkerchiefs. The man usually wears a white suit and wide straw hat. The woman dances bare foot and shines dress embroidered.

If you like to see an exhibition of this dance, you can visit “El Sombrero” Restaurant. There are daily exhibitions with the participation of the National Champions.
13:30 to 14:20. Av. Mansiche 267, Phone: 044 - 232394