Otuzco: Capital of Faith

Virgen de la Puerta de Otuzco

It is known as "Capital of Faith" due to their deep religious faith to the “Lady of The Door."

Otuzco is located 2 635 m.a.s.l. and to only 73 Km. from Trujillo city. The highway shines completely asphalted, reason why the route takes only one and a half hour.

Otuzco was founded by the Augustinian in 1560 with the name of "Town of the Immaculate Concepción of Otusco." During the viceroyalty it was the place of rest for the walkers that went on a trip from Trujillo to Huamachuco.

On April 23, 1861,during Ramon Castilla government it was created the Province of Otusco.

Initially the main religious party was dedicated to the Immaculate Concepcion virgin whose main party is on December 8. Later was brought a new image from Venezuela, to which was called "INTER" because it was the secondary image that substituted to the Immaculate during some smaller religious celebrations. However, with the time, the "INTER" it was taking bigger importance.

In 1664, Trujillo's bishop, Juan de la Calle y Heredia, gave authorization for the religious celebration to the Lady of the Door. On October 27,1943,during the III Eucharistic National Congress of Trujillo, the Lady of the Door of Otuzco was crowned by the Monsignor Fernando Cento, Representative of the Pope Pius the XII as "Patroness of the North of the Peru and Queen of the Universal Peace”.

The Church was began to be build from 1950 to 1986, but the Lady was transferred on October 27,1983. The church is of 3 ships and it is made entirely in stone. The throne of the Lady is located in the facade looking to the Main Square.

Virgen de la Puerta de Otuzco

The festivity is carried out on 13 to 15 December . The Lady is go down from the altar in the morning on 14 December, using for that a special system with pulleys. The image of the Lady is placed in the main altar of the church, where thousands of faithful wait forming long lines for the act of "adoration" that consists on praying in front to the virgin. Some people take the mantle, others kneel down requesting remedy for their wrongs, all have faith that the "mom" will help them. Then, they will return the next year, as sign of gratefulness.

Next to the church it is located the Religious Museum, where the hundred of mantles and diverse objects are in exhibition. These have been donated by the faithful ones in compensation for the favors received. Among the gifts, there is an old mantle that was gift for the President of Peru José Balta (1868 - 1872).

The are three nights of party accompanied by artificial fires, globes and more than twenty music bands, as well as groups of dancers who wear as gypsies, black people, pallas, coyas and devils.In the last years, it is organized a race of donkeys called "burrocross" where the men show their dexterity and domain with the asses.

Peregrinos en Otuzco

The central day is on 15, the procession takes the main streets of the town that are full with pilgrims of all parts of the Peru and also from other countries. Some sleep in the Main Square, others rest in the atrium of the Church and wherever it is possible to find a space. If that day rains, it is a sign that will be a good year for agriculture.