Cao Site Museum

It is located in front to Huaca Cao. The museum is organized in six thematic halls and has also monitors LCD, that permit through videos and animations to explain the particulars details of each hall.

The first two halls, offer a general information of the archaeological site. Pieces of pottery, gourds, textiles and rush baskets, ordered chronologically, (from the pre-Hispanic period until the present) testify the cultural continuity that has had this part of the Chicama valley. There are also colonial objects found in the old chapel seated on the Plaza of Huaca Cao Viejo.

The third hall has as main piece, an impressive wooden idol of more than 2 meters of high that was used for important rituals and then was buried in an enclosure of the temple.

The fourth hall is dedicated to describe the human sacrifices of the Moches. There are pieces of pottery with the representation of prisoners and warriors; as well as a recreation in video of a ritual battle.

The fifth hall shows ceramic pots found in a re-used tomb that belonged to an important woman of the Moche elite.

The sixth hall, is dedicated to the Lady of Cao. It is exhibited here, the mummy of this Lady that in spite of the time has preserved on her hands and ankles, tattoos of snakes and spiders. The are also crowns in gilded copper, earings, 44 nose rings, spear throwers, clubs and a ceramic pot where possibly is represented the Lady who is assisted by a woman shaman.

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